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  1. McRae

    Believe It or Not, We're Back!

    You see : dead forum.
  2. McRae

    I'm all alone...

    bwahaha! The site is all mine. All mine! *Performs victory dance*
  3. McRae

    Hidden Fallout NV Puzzle

    It's nothing. Really. Just Fallout 4 release date.
  4. McRae

    Just so you know...

    I coulda gave up then but Then again I couldn’t have ’cause I’ve traveled all this way for something I take it in but don’t look down ‘Cause I’m on top of the world, ‘ay I’m on top of the world, ‘ay Waiting on this for a while now Paying my dues to the dirt I’ve been waiting to smile, ‘ay Been...
  5. McRae

    Believe It or Not, We're Back!

    No, I don't believe it!
  6. McRae
  7. McRae

    Where are you PEOPLE?!

    I've always liked the atmosphere of this site. It's a shame to see it deserted like that!
  8. McRae

    I'm watching YOU!

    I'm watching YOU!
  9. McRae

    A Few Updates

    Here you go :
  10. McRae

    System Updates

    oh my god. That man is a war machine and nothing can stop him! FLY YOU FOOLS!
  11. McRae

    Word Association

    8 Mile
  12. McRae

    Whacha drinkin?

    Well, well. I'm gonna drink that : Watching that (s02e02) :
  13. McRae

    Word Association

    D'oh. (:herve:)
  14. McRae

    Best Horror game ever.

    It represents he locution "hat-in-hand", in response to your kind words. Anyway, now that I got a Xbox, there are tons of games I wanna play. In the horror section, I heard of "Dead Space". That game looks awesome and the atmosphere really is sweltering. I think the sequel to that game is...
  15. McRae

    Template Vote

    Standing ovation for Pope! This skin is awesome. Let's go for it!
  16. McRae

    Word Association

  17. McRae

    Von Drunky Storms the Gates!!!

    The gimp has been brought to you by Von Drunky & Co.
  18. McRae

    Best Horror game ever.

  19. McRae

    Best Horror game ever.

    Damn, I forgot to ask her. :kilus:
  20. McRae

    Best Horror game ever.

    Don't forget the first Resident Evil. I got an anecdote about it. Once, my brother was playing it in the dark. And he reached that point where a zombie walks up the stairs and opens the kitchen door. At the same moment the zombie opened the door, my mother did the same in real life. Poor...