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    Help me move

    My brother has moved to Norway. He was installing electrical stuff in the government building the entire week, except friday because they had worked OT all week, the week Breivik blew that shit up. Lucky guy.
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    Help me move

    Come on guys, help him move. It's seriously your turn to have him on your continent for a decade or two. Show some solidarity.
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    Yer Naem

    It's an anagram of Gay Dude. I should probably read them books. I only read Lian Hearn's trilogy, Across the nightingale floor etc, but I didn't like those very much, but I do like the Japanese feudal period a lot.
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    Whacha drinkin?

    That Campolieti is the good stuff. One of my favourite buys at the wine monopoly. Also, who shrunk my av? We've got Amazon tribes up in here now?
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    I installed my game straight from GoG, and it worked fine so I never bothered with patches or mods. Still haven't finished it though, it's a pretty heavy game. It's good though, I should finish it soon.
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    Upgrade downtime.

    In Firefox, it simply says "new" or "old". Weird? The broken image I get in IE8.
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    Upgrade downtime. and (wait for the edit) (though I guess it's just post_old.gif?) (it(was))
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    Upgrade downtime.

    I've got a lot of broken images, otherwise looks really neat. Broken images include ranks and New/Old post image in the recent activity list
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    The official "Farmerk Quits Smoking For Reals" thread

    It means the receptor that there's the most of in your noggin is activated by nicotine. Of course, that's not it's primary function. The stuff it's supposed to pick up on is something else. Nature just happened to be that way. Would be pretty spooky if that was down to evolution, because the...
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    The official "Farmerk Quits Smoking For Reals" thread

    I thought you might find it intereseting that the second most widely expressed receptor in the central nervous system is a cannabinoid receptor. The most widely expressed receptor is the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor.
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    The official "Farmerk Quits Smoking For Reals" thread

    You got some Max Payne narrative shit going on there.
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    The official "Farmerk Quits Smoking For Reals" thread

    Alcohol has been my worst enemy every single time I've tried and failed or succeeded at quitting tobacco. My urge to snus quadruples as soon as I have a few beers, actually. Just make sure you're preoccupied all the time. Playing through very long RPGs worked for me the first/worst time around...
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    Wait, is FFXI the one that came out in like 2003? Or is there another one now? I never really understood why I never got into that. Though I only saw it once on a friends computer, after a lot of booze, and everyone spoke some weird auto-translated Korean. Maybe that turned me off a bit.
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    Kids say the darndest things.

    Is that you, Bill?
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    That gif is greater than God.
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    Just got a new phone.

    Ergo, you are Pope's wife.
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    Fallout 3

    Actually, I don't know why I said that. PlanHex is totally right.
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    Fallout 3

    The simulation is as far as the game goes in the surprising/interesting gaming moments department, unless you count the surprisingly are-you-fucking-serious moments. It might be fascinating to finish it if only to witness the last 3 or so main quest locations and central plot dialogues, which...
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    Shogun 2: Total War

    That one was pretty confusing... I lost a shitload of troops and I don't really know why I eventually won it, but the AI started to rout suddenly. Weird shit. Here's my most recent victory:
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    Wait. What? WHO THE FUC...

    Nooooooo.... :cry: Or, as candlejack would say: EDIT: omg wtf! unseee! unseeeeee!