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    Batman - Arkham City.

    Arkham City took everything in Arkham Asylumn and made it bigger and more awesome. I didn't mind Ra's al Ghul much. They could've extended the Catwoman parts a bit. (Not those parts, pervert) Expansion, please?
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    Wrath of the Titans.

    It fared even worse with the critics than "Clash..." and that's certainly something. :mrgreen: You can see it for yourself and have your own opinion, of course. But I usually filter what movies I want to see through rottentomatoes first and it has fared me rather well so far.
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    Yes, it's true. Mass Effect 3

    I don't even care anymore. I sort of hated everything that happened after the earth battle started. I hate that I can't even resell the game.
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    Whacha drinkin?

    German Kindergarten is comparable to American day care centers, just cheaper. I guess it's basically the same for most European countries. Nearly 90% of German children aged 3-6 are in Kindergarten because you are legally entitled to a spot once your kids turn 3 and until they the day they start...
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    Yes, it's true. Mass Effect 3

    I guess it's hard to write a good ending for a game. Endings often suck ass. But what the heck. So I just reinstalled Mass Effect 2. Now before I install all the DLC I'll make a backup of the game folder. I'm not in the mood to redownload the whole thing again. Here's hoping my saves still...
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    Yes, it's true. Mass Effect 3

    What, does he die or something? Wait, don't tell me. Too bad, he's one of my favourite video game characters. I hear they changed the voice actor. :look: I don't like it. Is it very noticable? It is, isn't it?
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    Yes, it's true. Mass Effect 3

    Crossposting this to tO cause yuo guys are inactive as shit. :P
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    A Few Updates

    Like I said in the chat already, there's an endless loop that should be fixed:
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    Little Robot's Penis

    That's amazing.
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    Yes, it's true. Mass Effect 3

    I'm pissed about Bioware. Seriously. Rant: I preordered a physical copy of ME3 from Amazon and got it last week. So I popped in the first DVD to install. First annoyance: I had to install Origin and create an account. Fuck this shit. Turns out my e-mail adress was already registered for some...
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    So... 64bit vs. 32bit OS

    Heh, since I recently swapped my old mainboard for something that supports a latest-generation intel i5 cpu, the only part of this PC that hasn't been exchanged for something new is the case and the power supply. Those are 6 years old, though. I think.
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    Fallouty booklet thing

    Wouldn't a scanner be more practical for this?
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    Video Imbedding Question.

    Can I quote you on that? :look:
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    Video Imbedding Question.

    Unfortunately, the youtube embedding functionality in most message boards just ignores the time. You can still use a plain ol' link, though.
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    Wait. What? WHO THE FUC...

    23% on Rotten Tomatoes, same for top critics only. I'd steer clear of this one.
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    So... 64bit vs. 32bit OS

    I'm planning to do that, too. I hate that you can't install RAID drivers retroactively, how retarded is that. Works like a charm with Linux. I've had two 1TB drives sitting in my computer unused for ages now because I couldn't use them as a RAID and wasn't in the mood for a Windows install. Now...
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    Tits or GTFO Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa...
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    The official "Farmerk Quits Smoking For Reals" thread

    This is as German as cheeseburgers. And they wouldn't be individually wrapped here.
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    Potential new Buxmobile...

    Now I just need to find someone who will repaint it to flat black for cheap. :buttrock:
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    Drog's unofficial patch and high resolution patch are to be considered, I guess. Both can be had at I don't know if they are compatible with the GOG version.